Stage Lighting and Automotive Laser Lights

When it comes to lighting and auto motives, there is an absolute winner in terms of innovation, and that winner is laser light. This has been a massive step forward in technology if we look back at the introduction of headlight and early stage lighting systems. The early systems used halogen, LED and xenon technology. However, since modernizing over to laser headlights and stage lights, new horizons have been opened up in terms of the overall performance, value for money and user delight.


Using laser technology will also mean that headlights will become even smaller and even more efficient than ever before. They can be used in new drone technology as well which will be a massive benefit when drones are lighting up the sky.

Let’s talk a bit about an element of the laser light technology commonly used in automotive and stage lighting industries. I’m talking about laser diodes. Laser diodes are very impressive in part due to their small size. In fact, just one laser diode generates a huge amount of luminous flex for its size – very impressive in terms of the output of light. This means that there’s no compromise on the amazing level of light intensity. But how does this impact the average driver using laser lights in their car? Well, the answer is incredibly simple actually; they will provide the longest range of light on the road. Similarly for stage lighting systems, check out this website: these lights will be able to light up the largest stages for the most energy and therefore most cost effective amount.


So, time to get a bit more technical and talk about some specifics. First, the BMW i8 and the 7 series provide full laser beam. Also, the Audi R8 LMX was launched at around the same time as the BMW series which also came with laser headlights. But which partner was the main one? Simple: Osram were the creators and innovators of this impressive new light technology. In fact, do you know how far these lights can beam? Actually an amazing range is achieved, a whopping 600 meters! And did you know that this is in fact over double the distance reached by the smaller and older standard LED headlights. So it just goes to show that the future of stage lighting and automotive lights is bright! Please excuse the pun. Well as well as the length of the beams, users can also expect a cheaper experience.